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Infinity Coaching With Roberta Life Coaching


Roberta Quam 

I have spent my adult life as a student and a seeker. “That’s’ just how it is” was never good enough for me! 


Over the years I have studied and attended workshops and courses aligned with personal growth, movement, healing, energy work, and the possibilities of the human potential. 

I have led a life full of adventure, love and expansion, and along with that, throughout the years has been some heartache and big life changes. 


Through the process of reinventing my life, I learned to show up every day being aware of my thoughts, noticing my patterns and behaviours that weren’t serving me anymore and doing the inner work to shift my energy and perspective on life. 


Within this process came freedom and a sense of wholeness. 

Here I am today…. offering an unbelievably unique experience to any that are interested in improving their life on a physical, emotional, mental level! Or as I find with most people, they want to improve in all levels of their life! 


I know the ups and downs of life. We all go through it. 


It would be my honour to help you pick up the pieces of your life and break free of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your full potential.


I offer a non-judgemental, authentic, and intuitive space to help you move through life transitions and challenges. 


My intention is that you feel more peaceful, confident, at ease, and in love with your life through our work together. 

Infinity Coaching With Roberta Life Coaching
Infinity Coaching With Roberta Life Coaching

Roberta has been a student and a seeker for most of her adult life. She believes that when we allow ourselves to shine, it opens up space for others to shine along with us.


She is a Life Coach through Martha Beck’s Life Coaching program, a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Yoga teacher. Roberta has also had the privilege of studying closely with local professionals, highly sought after psychologist, Judy Wright of Gateways Counseling and highly sought after Intuitive Mentor Melody Rae Jones.


In addition, she is an avid meditator, attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advanced retreat in Nashville in April of 2023. Roberta is deeply passionate about creating a safe space for her clients to release limiting beliefs, drop their old patterns and conditioning, and step confidently into a new chapter of their lives. 


Roberta loves spending time with family and friends and whenever possible she is at the barn riding her horse, or traveling to a mounted shooting competition.

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