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 Free Yourself From Limitations

Life Coaching

Discovering the Divine Within

life coaching with roberta quam

I’m here to support you through life transitions, life decisions, relationship conflicts, limiting beliefs, and help you get clear on where you want to be headed in life.

My coaching can support you in recognizing patterns (conscious and unconscious), which at one time were probably helpful, but at some point started to not serve you anymore.


Sometimes we just need someone to witness how we’re feeling and the emotions we’re having. I am here for that too.

I can help you recognize the lessons that can be learned from the conflict and issues in your life. I’ll also help you work on being aware of your internal dialogue and assist you in creating new self-talk that supports you and is based in self-acceptance and self-love.

I would be honoured to help you step into a new chapter of your life.

50-55 minutes over the phone or in person 



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Zoom calls start November 27, 2023


* Buy the book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

* Click on Book Now button below. Send me an email and your info to join the group

* Read the Intro, Spiritual Electricity and the Basic Tools by Nov. 27th

*Join the zoom call at 7 pm CST Nov 27th

* after that read one chapter a week and we will meet every Monday at 7pm Central Standard Time (Regina) on zoom

* more details to follow once you join the group

Unlimited Transformation with horses - private or group work


Incorporating energy/breathwork and/or life coaching personally or with small groups and the horse. Horses have a special way to touch our souls.  I've worked in the horse industry for the last 27 years, running a very busy horse training and boarding facility.  Over the years, I've been lucky enough to experience horses at every single level of the training process.  From the untouched young horse, to  some of the best trained in the industry.

This experience has gifted me with a love, connection and feel that I will forever be grateful for.

Along with the horse connection, I also cultivated a gift of connecting with people.  With my training, and my experience of guiding and supporting people in their horse/human relationship, I have developed abilities and skills to help others to transform their relationship with self, and with their world around them.

We are lucky enough to be able to invite equine partners into a space to help us to recognize and start to change unhealthy patterns, tune in to emotions, and have aha moments that can be life changing. We will use groundwork and connection with the horse, breathe work, body awareness, meditation and coaching to discover blocks, limitations, and to learn how to feel more alive and feel more freedom, all while having fun!

With this session we can build self awareness of how we walk through this world, using groundwork with horses with the power and support of very small groups 


Schedule a private session by yourself or 3 friends together, or book in for a session with 2 other like minded individuals. We can plan a topic for the day, or we can organically let the session flow to what wants to unfold for the group

Combining horses, connection, fun and people is a powerful way to step into more authenticity, calmness, clarity and wholeness!

2 hour in person sessions  (3 people max)


Client Testimonials

"I was immediately comfortable working with Roberta. She was really professional and seemed to get a sense of who I was and how to work with me right away. I could feel that she intuitively knew how to work with me. I immediately called my sister and told her all about the session. I was so energized afterwards and excited. It was definitely one of the most powerful experiences I think I’ve ever had in my journey of spirituality and self work."

- Sarah

"Loved the centering exercise, and how we worked through multiple concepts until we got to what was actually going on for me. You have a high degree of empathy and Can easily relate to my issues. I like the fact that you are capable of being honest and willing to push your client vs. just pacify them. You are gifted with your ability to guide people through meditation processes. Your voice is steady and highly calming."

- Deanne

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